Canton Fair 2005

Conclusion of the 100th CECF

The total turnover of this session's two phases reaches USD27.2 billion, increasing by 11% over the last session, and rising by 32.8% over the 94 th CECF.

Judging from the transaction made at the fair, machinery and electronic products still take up the highest percentage of all. The trade volume of these products is up to USD10.82 billion, increasing by 13.4% over the last session, accounting for 39.8% of the total. Among these products, those that have a large trade volume are home appliances and consumer electronic products, metal products, electronic and electrical products and transportation vehicles. Footwear and daily-use ceramics increase rapidly. The trade volume of footwear reaches USD 810 million, increasing by 33.8% over the last session; the trade volume of daily-use ceramics is up to USD 700 million, increasing by 36.5% over the last session. Other products that have a comparatively large growth rate include: decoration products which reach USD 530 million, increasing by 16.3% over the last session; glassware which reach USD 440 million, rising by 19%; metal and enamel ware reach USD 330 million, increasing by 0.5%, accounting for 8%. The trade volume of exports for clothes and textiles equals to that of the last session, among which the trade volume of clothes reaches USD2.86 billion, decreasing by 0.1% over the last session, accounting for 10.5%; the trade volume of textiles is up to USD2.19 billion, increasing by 0.5%, accounting for 8%. Among the 48 trading delegations, Guangdong Trading Delegation is still in the first place in terms of trade volume, with its turnover reaching USD3.07 billion and increasing by 9.3% over the last session. Other delegations having a large trade volume are: the special economic zones (including the four cities and a province, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Xiamen, Shantou, and Hainan) which have a trade volume of USD2.78 billion, increasing by 16.7% over the last session; Jiangshu USD2.46 billion, increasing by 9.5%; Zhejiang USD1.72 billion, rising by 14.2%; Shanghai USD16.5 billion, increasing by 7.8%. Judging from the major trading countries (regions), the trade volume to EU, USA and Japan shows a tendency to grow rapidly. The trade volume to EU reaches USD9.19 billion, increasing by 19.9% over the last session, accounting for one third of the total; the trade volume to USA reaches USD4.71 billion, increasing by 10.2%, taking up 17.3%; the trade volume to Japan reaches USD1.46 billion, increasing by 18.2%, accounting for 5.4%. But the trade volume to some Asian markets has decreased to some extent, among which the trade volume to the Middle-east Asia is USD2.78 billion, decreasing by 1.2% over the last session; the trade volume to the ASEAN market is USD1.43 billion, decreasing by 0.7%; the trade volume to Hong Kong is USD 980 million, decreasing by 10.5%.

Judging from the different nature of enterprises, the turnover gained by state-owned enterprises reaches USD14.1 billion, accounting for 51.8% of the total, and decreasing by 10.6% over the last session; the turnover gained by privates firms reaches USD6.85 billion, accounting for one forth of the total, and increasing by 40.7% over the last session; the turnover gained by foreign investment enterprises reaches USD3.18 billion, increasing by 43.7%, and taking up over 10% for the first time.

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