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The first comprehensive festival in the Chinese design industry,the 1st China Qingdao International Design Festival is to be held from Nov.15th until Nov.17th.2002 in the city of Qingdao,China.

As commented by HongKong business giant Mr.Li ka-shing,that the 21st century is an era of designing.Design,is exerting a strong influence on our living environment,living style,living taste,and even every detailed element in our life."Design and City Life",the theme of the Festival,is expected to chronicle the great impact of design upon our social life from aspects of city layout,symbolic architecture,upholstery,gardening, public utilities,transportation means,packaging, corporate identity and so on.There will be international design forums,galleries,fairs and expos at the Festival and the Golden Trumpet Shell Prize,the grand prize in the Festival,is to be awarded after stringent appraisal.During the festival,the Chinese government and large business enterprises will host conferences and invite public bidding of large design projects.This will also be a design contest especially held for those young designers aged below 30,will provide a colorful,exciting and interactive platform for hundreds of young designers from different countries.

Hundreds of international known designers and professional design institutes are invited to join the festival,and established international media are invited to report the activities.The Festival is expected to be visited by thousands of professional participators.

Suitable either for Chinese designers'to improve skills and knowledge,or a quick entry into the Chinese market for overseas designers,the 1st China Qingdao International Design Festival will constitute an interactive platform for designers and entrepreneurs,a direct communication channel for Chinese and overseas designers,a valuable occasion of introducing your talents for design and a precious chance to meet your design mentors.This is not only a festival for designers,but also a festival for everyone who loves life.

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