> Business China--Investment Guide and Opportunities

Business China--Investment Guide and Opportunities

Investment Guide and Opportunities

This section presents official investment guides and various joint-venture or other forms of investment opportunities in China.

Following are investment opportunities listed with a short description. (Currently listed in alphabetical order.)

Xi'an Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone -- Shaanxi province. In September 1997 this high-tech zone was approved by the State Council to be one of the first zones in China that joined the technological industry park network of APEC. In 1999 it led China's 53 hi-tech zones in terms of comprehensive development targets achievement.

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation inviting interested parties to join property development projects in Haikou, Hainan Province and Taicang, Jiangsu Province.

China Keda Medical Technology Center -- Beijing. Looking for investors for high-tech medical instruments, as well as overseas representatives for its ultrasonic medical instruments .

Jinzhou Heavy Machinery Works -- Liaoning province. Seeking investors.

Hunan Changsha Power Plant -- Hunan province. The provincial government solicits overseas sponsors for its power plant by open bid.

Investment Guide to Guangxi (Guangxi Science and Technology Exchange Center-- Guangxi province. Official guide to Investment. (42K text file, over 20 pages when printed)

Jingsha Synthetic Resin General Factory - Hubei province. Seeking business partners for production of phthalic anhydride through joint-venture, cooperation, mixed venture or compensation trade.

Laizhou Bench Vice Factory -- Shandong province. Seeking foreign partners producing color packing boxes

Linhe Industrial Development Zone -- Beijing. High-tech foreign, large investment in the fields of electronics, biological engineering, pharmacy, food, drinks and automobile parts especially encouraged. A total foreign investment of 238 million US dollars has already entered the area.

Linxi Metallurgical Factory -- Inner Mongolia. Seeking foreign and domestic investors and partners to explore raw material resources, conduct intensive tin, lead and silver products processing, and develop high-tech and high value-added tin, lead and silver products.

Penglai Aqua-culture Company - Shandong province. Abalone Culture project seeking joint venture partner.. Project target: raise 8 million pieces of abalone breeding yearly, 100 ton of abalone for two years. Products will be sold in both domestic and foreign markets.

Penglai City -- Shandong province. The city presents 9 projects for foreign investment and co-orporation.

  • The seaside park synthesize development
  • Development of advanced washing machinery
  • Extending the Line of Meat Chicken
  • 1000 ton brandy
  • The extend computer terminal
  • Penglai breed good strains base
  • Annual output of 4000 ton of silica gel
  • Shandong Zhenglong Group Company
  • Technical transformation of car valves

Penglai Phosphate Fertilizer Plant - Shandong province. Joint venture or cooperative venture partner wanted for annual output of 4, 000 tons of silica gel.

Qingdao City -- Shandong province. The largest industrial base in the province and the hometown of the world famous Tsing Tao Beer. The city, reprensented by Qingdao Municipal Economic Commission, invites you to contact them for thousands of projects available and make their city your home in China.

Shandong Penglai Automobile Industrial (Group) Company -- Shandong province. Seeking partners to develop and manufacture Bulk Cement Trucks and Concrete Pump Trucks and High-Class 0.5/1.0-Ton Farm-Use Trucks

Shandong Penglai Chicken Farm -- Shandong province. Seeking foreign joint venture partner.

Siping City -- Jilin Province, the committee and government of Siping city instituted a series of preferential policies to encourage investment.

Siping Hongzui Iron and Steel (Group) Company -- Jilin province. Looking for the advanced sintering blower technology and the appropriate license from Japanese,US or European iron and steel enterprises.

Weihai Economic and Technical Development Zone -- Shandong province. There are currently 1,228 on-going projects with investment of 6 billions yuan (or approximately 700 million US dollars) from 16 countries. Automobile, machinery, electronics, food, light industries, chemicals, building material, textile and pharmaceutical are areas where investment is strongly encouraged.

Xishuangbanna Tourist and Vacation Zone -- Yunnan province. The Administrative Committee of Xishuangbanna Tourist and Vacation Zone invites foreign investment for this renowned tropical rain forest resort area.

Zhangjiagang City -- Jiangsu province, Yanjiang Economy-Technology Development Zone. Projects recommended:

  • 10,000-Ton Comprehensive Wharf (total investment: 90 million US dollars)
  • Shipyard (total investment: 25 million US dollars)
  • Agriculture Area (total investment: 5 million US dollars)
  • Warehouse Wharf (total investment: 20 million US dollars)
  • Organic Chemical Products (total investment: 5 million US dollars)

Zhangjiakou City -- Hebei Province. An open city with convenient transportation and strategic location welcomes investors, especially in its Xuanhua Prefecture.

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