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We are inviting an interested party to join us to develop our projects on Hainan and Taicang city of PRC. This is a golden chance for you to invest in PRC which can definitely generate an attractive profit.

Hainan is one of the most important tourist centers in PRC. Huafa Tower is just located in the hub of Hainan's largest city,and a large concentration of commercial buildings. Standing at the junction between Daying Road and Datong Road, which form the two main arterial links to the urban area, the building enjoys easy accessibility.

Huafa Tower stands on a site of about 2,300 square meters in size. It comprises a 26-storey hotel and a 34-storey office building in which the basements provide about 80 car parking spaces. The first four storeys are retail shops, restaurants, business and entertainment facilities. The 5th to 26th floors of east wing are hotel rooms which provide 418 luxury rooms whereas the 5th to 34th floors of the west wing are grade A offices with an area of about 21,800 square meters.

The superstructure of the building has just been finished and the installation of building services such as central air-conditioning system and fire alarm system is in progress.

Investors can inject their fund in the whole Huafa Tower development, or selectively in the Hotel or commercial portion respectively. Investors who are interested in the Huafa Hotel can also jointly develop the Hotel with the Landlord and act as the management company of the Hotel simultaneously.

The second property is located at Lot No. 1-14 Ban Qiao Town, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province of PRC. The property forms a piece of flat land which is located on the eastern side of Ban Mao Road and to the south of Chang Jing, Shi Ba Gang River is running through the property from north to south.

The property is strategically located within about 40 km from Shanghai Railway Station, Hong Qiao International Railway and Shanghai Zhang Hua Bang Cargo Terminal, whereas Suzhou Singaporean Industrial District is at a distance of about 50km from the property, and a Cosco International City and Shanghai Steel Plant are within close proximity.

The land is divided into four main sections (a total of 14 sub-sections ) with a total site area of 39.28 hectares (392,838 square meters). According to the government's development constraints, the permitted plot ratio is 1.2 and hence the maximum permitted GFA is about 471,405 square meters.

It is planned to develop the land into an integrated area with factories, commercial buildings, residential buildings and entertainment facilities. Preliminary site works including transportation, communication system, water and electricity supply have been finished.

Any interested investor can jointly develop the land with us by injecting either capital as construction fee directly or other business operations with our company. The share, profit and risk will then be apportioned to the cooperating partners according to their amount of capital invested in the project.

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