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Corrin Electronic System Co. Ltd.

Corrin Electronic system Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Shengli (Victory) Oil Field--the second largest oil field in China. Corrin produces high-tech electronic appliances including the best know VCD players and videophones. The majority of Corrin's staff is from the computer center of its parent company. Corrin is one of the first fewbook2.jpg (6338 bytes) ISO9001 Certificatecompanies to develop and manufacture VCD players in China. The company has technically advanced assembly lines and inspection equipment.

Corrin founded its well-known Digital Video & Audio Enterprise of China on May 11, 1995. The company began to manufacture digital VCD players in the same year.

Being ISO-9001 certified in 1996, it is the first ISO-9001 certified Chinese VCD player manufacturer. Then in 1997, Corrin received ISO-9001 certification by U.K, USA, Germany, Holland, France, Australia and New Zealand. The company currently has more than 20 subsidiaries in China.

1. VCD player

Including one-disc, 3-disc VCD player and Super-VCD player.KV70031.jpg (4456 bytes)

Main features:

  • Compatible with CD-DA, VCD1.1, VCD2.0
  • Compatible with NTSC/PAL
  • Full function remote control
  • Slow-motion playback modeKV70001.jpg (4229 bytes)
  • Repeat 1/all/A-B playback mode
  • Go-to-time playback mode
  • Search/skip backward/forward
  • Program playback mode
  • Nine picture-in-picture scanning playback mode
  • Volume output controlKV80001.jpg (4570 bytes)
  • Mark/resume playback mode
  • RF, AV, S-video output
  • KARAOKE function

2. Videophone

TV4001.jpg (5192 bytes)CORRIN Videophone (models TV-400/TV-500) delivers full-color, telephone-quality video and audio over standard telephone lines. It can be used from anywhere where a regular phone connection can be made with no additional or special wiring required. Because it uses standard telephone lines, a video call costs exactly the same as a regular call.

Model TV-400 transforms a standard television and touch-tone phone into a videophone. TV-500 is a videophone with an integrated camera and a 5tv500.gif (30444 bytes) TFT-LCD display. CORRIN videophones have wide applications for both consumers and businesses, especially for video conferencing and monitoring.


  • Compliant with H.324 standard, compatible with H.324 videophones by other makers
  • Easy installation
  • Full-color motion video with up to 15 frames per second
  • Adjustable picture resolution and frame rate
  • On-screen menus
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Programmable auto answer to accomplish monitoring
  • Preview mode, shows caller and/or receiver
  • High secrecy, privacy mode, allows user to halt video transmission

* Snapshot feature, allows users to take or send a high-quality still-frame picture.

* Built-in optional 2 AV signal input and 1 AV output. Allows user to accept video input from VCRs, standard video cameras, etc. Allows user to switch between the external and internal video sources anytime during a video call.

(*: Available in Model TV-500 only)