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Erdos Cashmere Products Company Limited.

company sceneThe company's main products and annual producing capacity are: 680 tons of fulfresh cashmere, 800 tons of cashmere yarn, and 2.80 million cashmere sweaters. The company uses high-quality goat cashmere as its raw material. The cashmere is a special local product of the Erdos Plateau and known as "The World's Best Cashmere". Production equipment and advanced techniques have been imported from Japan. The resulting products are sold to more than 30 countries and areas, as well as to various large hotels and guest houses, and n both domestic and foreign markets. Among them, the "Erdos" brand cashmere sweater won the gold prize as a national high-quality product in 1987 and 1991, and six times won ministerial excellent products awards. It was awarded for its fine workmanship, innovative styles, elegant colors and fine, smooth feel to the touch.

Chairman of the Board of Directors & General Manager: Mr. Wang Linxiang.
Vice chairman of the Board of Directors & Vice general manager: Mr. Yang Zhiyuan

Donghao Cashmere Products Company Limited.

company building

The company's production capacity is as follows: 250,000 meters of cashmere coat fabric, 300,000 cashmere scarves pieces, 10,000 cashmere blankets, 30,000 cashmere garments and 50,000 cashmere capes.

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Mr. Wang Linxiang
Vice chairman: Mr. T Ohkubo
General Manager: Mr. Wang Weihua

Erdos Electronic Elements Factory

organic solid resister

The factory has 79 sets of principal equipment and its main product is the organic solid resister. Annual production is 40,000,000 pieces. Domestic large color TV set manufacturers all use the factory's products.

Director: Mr. Zhang Rongkui

Inner Mongolia Yihua Unified Woolen Worsted Mill

factory scene

The mill's main products are: cashmere, wool and filament worsted rayon fabrics and all kinds of garments. All the products bear the famous name brand "Erdos".

Factory Director: Mr. Luan Zunguo

Erdos Group Corporation Import & Export Company, Inner Mongolia

Board of DirectorsThe main business of the company includes: importing the production equipment, machine parts, raw materials and auxiliary stuffs and agents that the group subsidiaries need for production, and exporting the cashmere serial products, electronic elements and other serial products produced by the group's subsidiaries. The firm also administers the processing end of the enterprise, handles samples and designs and promotes export business. Five sales firms have been established abroad and the company's exports are sold to Europe, the USA, Japan and Hong Kong.