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Xinjiang Changji Horticultural Farm

Xinjiang Changji Horticultural Farm is a comprehensive agricultural corporation which makes farming, industry, business and trading a coordinated process. It exercise control over 12 economic entities such as Xinjiang Western China Seed Group Company (XWCSG) and Xinjiang Western China Hops Company, etc.

The farm lies in 86o 24'33" to 87o 37' E and 43o 6' 30" to 45o 20' N with continental monsoon climate in temperate zone. The winter is cold and summer is hot. There are great difference in day and year temperature with adequate light and heat resources. The climate is quite suitable for growing watermelon, muskmelon, grapes, hops and flowers and so suitable for the seeds.

The farm is located in the center of the Urumqi, Changji and Shihezi Economic Region, only 15 kilometers away from the airport of Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang. It has transport and communication facilities and after the multiple track of Lan-Xin Railway is open to traffic, we will be linked to the state transportation network. It will be more convenient to keep close economic contact with outside world.

radish.jpg (13936 bytes) Through nearly forty years' development, the farm has formed a large-scale industry group which consists of the production of fruit, vegetable and flower seeds, production of hops , production of watermelon -muskmelon, package, export, coal mine, gardening, building, and installation, etc. The economic entities under the farm include the Xinjiang Western China Seed Group Company (XWCSG), Western China Hops Company, Western China Vegetable Company, the Commercial Company, the Building and Decoration Company, Western China Packing and Tinning Company, the Coal Mine, the Flour Factory, the Gardening Company, Xinjiang Liwei Flower Co. Ltd., the Service company and the Agricultural Company, etc.

Among the above companies, the Western China Hops Company has introduced the high-quality & high-yield hops with 9% of formic acid from Japan. And the hops has found favor in Xiamen Yincheng Brewery and Tsingtao Brewery's eyes. The Western China Seed Group Company was appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture as the "Melon and Vegetable Seed Base." The No.1 Western China Muskmelon and the Western China Ganlu Watermelon cultivated by the company won the silver medal and bronze medal respectively at the second National Agriculture Exhibition in 1995. At present, the company has exported seedless watermelon seeds which are very popular in the foreign markets. The company also started the agent business of cultivating melon and vegetable seeds for foreign clients. The other companies also find their products well-sold in domestic markets.

Faced with the highly competitive world market, the policy makers of the farm are determined to devote themselves to meet the challenge. We will create a more bright future. Welcome all the friends from all over the world to hold talks on investment and cooperation. We believe that Xinjiang, richly endowed by nature, will surely provide you with the top-notch seeds in the world.

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