> A brief introduction of Huifeng Industrial Group Limited Company

A brief introduction of Huifeng Industrial Group Limited Company


Huifeng Industrial Group Limited Company

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Picture of Mr. Cao Xue Li Huifeng Industrial Group Company of Henan Province is situated only eight kilometers north of ancient Chaoge, capital city of the Yin Dynasty; the city has thousands of years of history. The company is a large chemical enterprise producing intermediate products for making medicine and dyes.


Chairman of board: Cao Xue Li

Our company is a nation-wide advanced enterprise whose goal is to spread science and technology. It is the biggest factory in Asia to make products of its kind. Five years ago our factory was set up; since then, up to now, our factory has been highly appreciated and appraised as the first phase of "the star enterprise of Hebi City," a "leading dragon head enterprise." Now it is the key industrial enterprise of Hebi City.

Our company has three branch factories which occupy 101,788 square meters, with a total built-up area of 23,000 square meters. The total value of our assets -level and middle-level professional, technical personnel. The working posts are replenished by the graduates of the universities and institutes. They are vigorous, newly emerging work force with a steadily rising production capability and numbers. By relying on this rich technical force and excellent work quality of staff and workers, the Huifeng Industrial Group Limited Company has gained a powerful competitive force with great potential.

In the fierce market competition our company stands in an invincible position because we have broad force of traveling traders. Our purpose is to produce good quality products; in order to dominate the market and bring prestige to our products, we strive to constantly improve our products. Our main product: m- amino-phenol the quality of our product passes strict Japanese regulations (Japanese Code K4144). Our products enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad.

Huifeng Industrial Group Limited Company strictly observes the principle: "Quality is first, reputation is first." We sincerely bring benefit to society as well as serve society. We hope to become friends of your company's top executives soon.

* Brief Introduction Of Products *



3. H ACID 85%

4. M-amino phenol. Also known as M-hydroxyl aniline. Content: 98.5% to 99%

Physical and chemical properties: It is a white powder. Its melting point is 119-123 C, its boiling point is 164 C (1.46K Pa). It dissolves in water, methanol and ethyl ether.

Other: It can be used in the course of production of many products: agricultural chemicals, intermediate dye products, pressure sensitive and heat sensitive dyes, printing ink for light sensitive of radio facsimiles, anti-tuberculosis medicine, sodium salicylate, M-brombenzene methylated ethen used in production, anti-oxidants, fixers, and developer. It is also used for fur dying, etc.

Packaging: 25 kg. per tub, specification 48CM x 36CM