> Jinggu Dai and YiNationalities Autonomous County ForestryCorporation

Jinggu Dai and YiNationalities Autonomous County ForestryCorporation

Jinggu Dai and Yi Nationalities Autonomous County Forestry Corporation is situated in the south-western portion of the Simao District of Yunnan Province. The mild weather, plentiful rainfall, long daylight hours and other geographical features of the area make it very suitable for growing semitropical plants. In 1996, Jinggu County was nominated for comprehensive development and testing in the same year that the government canceled three other manufacturing plants and approved establishment of a forestry enterprise. The existing forest resources make Jinggu County an ideal place for the development of a forestry industry. The percentage of plant cover is 54.1 percent.
President, General Manager
Mr. Zhen Pinghua

The Jinggu Corporation is alarge, established, state-owned enterprise with fixed assets of80 million yuan, registered assets of 25,060,000 yuan, aworkforce of more than 2,200, and a broad range of businesspotential.

The Chemical Forestry Company, asubsidiary of the Jinggu Corporation, is the onlyten-thousand-ton grade rosin manufacturer in Yunnan Province witha total annual output of 10 thousand tons of rosin and 2.6thousand tons of turpentine. The entire operation, fromproduction to management, is computerized. In each five-yearperiod from 1984 on, its grease rosin was awarded for its highquality by the National Forestry Ministry. In each five-yearperiod from 1982 on, its grease turpentine oil was awarded as ahigh grade product of Yunnan Province and in 1983 it was giventhe high quality certificate of the National Foreign TradeMinistry. Haifan Brand grease rosin and turpentine, which weredesignated as "customer trusted products" in 1996, areexported to Japan, Europe, America and Hong Kong. They accountfor 93 percent of the total amount of grease rosin and turpentineexported by China.

The Forestry Board Plant isanother subsidiary of the Jinggu Corporation. It runs sevenmanufactured board production lines, with an annual output ofover 30,000 cubic meters of various manufactured board products.These include various specifications of veneer boards,medium-density fiber boards, and shaving boards. The boardmaterials are selected from high-quality pine trees, barbertrees, nanmu and imported materials. The high quality of thematerials used ensures a high-quality finished product. Theplant's biggest markets are currently in Sichuan, Shanghai,Wuhan, Guizhou and Gansu Provinces, where its products are highlyrespected and sought after.

In 1996, the Jinggu Corporationhad a gross industrial production value of 133,150,000 yuan, andshowed a net profit of 54,370,000 yuan .

The Jinggu Corporation is engagedin timber cutting and transportation, forestry, automobiletransportation, automobile maintenance, construction materials,sustainable forest management, as well as the manufacture ofchemical forestry products and manufactured boards.

During China's ninth five-yearperiod, we will continue to upgrade our management systems andcontinue to develop a diversified product line. We sincerelywelcome investment and co-operation from both home and abroad aswe become even stronger and more successful in the years to come.