> King Deer Cashmere Group, the largest cashmere manufacturer in China

King Deer Cashmere Group, the largest cashmere manufacturer in China

King Deer Cashmere Group

Inner Mongolia King Deer Cashmere (Group) Company consists of two groups ( the Cashmere Group and the Fur Group) and 14 enterprises ( 9 joint-ventures plus 5 domestic-invested enterprises). It has 4 factories and 4 sales companies in Asia, Europe and America and 20 sales companies in China. The Company was ranked Top 300 major enterprises in China. Its products are exempted from examination. The management and the products design were computerized.


Mr. Gao Feng, the Chairman and the General Manager
of the company was entitled the "Chinese Excellent
Entrepreneur" and receive other honors from the

Gao Feng Chairman

The Company has a total assets of 1.6 billion RMB yuan and a work force of 6,866. There are 3,277 sets of equipment for washing, combing, dying, spinning and fixing, among which 80% were imported from foreign countries. There is a complete technology system of knitting, shuttle looming and sewing. The "King Deer" brand of cashmere series include 60 varieties and 1,000 specifications of cashmere cardigan, cashmere towel, cashmere scarf, cashmere suits, cashmere shirts, cashmere coats and cashmere cloth. The products sell well on market both home and abroad.

In 1990s, the economic performance of the company doubles every year and became the major company to earn foreign exchange in Inner Mongolia. In 1996, its additional industrial amount was 230 million yuan, the total industrial output value was up to 830 million yuan, the sales volume was 680 million yuan, the profits were 42 million yuan, the tax submitted was 22.01 million yuan and the export value was 30.60 million US dollars.

model in cashmere The Company and its products received more than 100 prizes from the governments, the associations and the organizations among which 58 were the state level and 8 were international prizes. The "King Deer" brand of cashmere products won the "Golden Prize" at "China International Famous Brand Commodities Fair", Chinese Famous Brand Products. models in cashmere

The Products trusted by Chinese Consumers, the "Golden Prize and the Silver Prize"at the All China Textile Cloth New Products Exposition in 1995 and 1996, the Gold Horse" prize for high quality products at the 6th International Goat Conference, the "Golden Prize" for good service and high quality products by the Spanish Government and the "American Best Service and Quality" prize.

King Deer Products

productsThe development of the group company can be compared to "two wheels, three steps and four strategies". The Cashmere Group and the Fur Group are the two wheels to drive the 3 steps: the first step is to form the economy scale and the scale merits; the second step is establish the contemporary enterprise system and apply hi-tech; the third step is to establish an integrated entity for trading, industry, agriculture and animal husbandry to create new economic development. The four strategies are the "Export-oriented Economic Strategy", the " Expansion Strategy", the " New and Hi-tech Strategy" and the "Famous Brand Strategy". The group company is ready to meet the trends of the world cashmere processing center moving to China.


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