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Mailyard Group Co. ,Ltd.

The Hubei MAILYARD Group stands among the large bases for the production and exportation of textile garments in China, and has been certified as one of the Ten Biggest Enterprises of the Trade consecutively by the State Statistics Bureau since 1995. And in 1996, MAILYARD Group was listed among the key 512 state-owned enterprises to be supported with might and main by the State Council.

And its MAILYARD Co.Ltd. is a corporation listed on the stock market. Its business scope covers pharmaceutical products, software designing, real estate, etc. as well as textile garments, with an annual output of 1 million sits, 4.5 million pieces of fashionable clothes,1.8 million metres of fine wool fabric, and 21 million metres of exquisite polymeric fiber's cloth. Moreover, suits have been the major products of the MAILYARD Group, over 80% of which are made for export, and account for 26% of all the Japanese men's suits exported from China, taking up nearly 1/5 of the shares on the Japan market. And MAILYARD suits have been granted such post-sales services inherent in its first-class fabric, gorgeous craftsmanship, fashionable design, and so on. Wearing a "MAILYARD" suit are regarded as "A successful Men".

Mailyard Group has more than 20 subsidiary companies, and the Mailyard Group Co. Ltd. has entered the stock exchange. The business scope mainly includes textile and garments and extends to medicine, software and real estate. The annual outputs of the whole group are 800 thousands of advanced western style suits, 3.5 million of fashion clothes, 2 million meters of fine woolen cloth and 21 million of advanced synthetic fiber materials. The western style suits are the major products, whose 80% are exported. They covered 26% of China's total exports to Japan and occupied 5% in the Japanese market. Domestically, Mailyard western style suits are known as the "China Top 10 Famous Brands of Western Style Suits" and the "China Top 10 Famous Brands of Garments". The suits find flavor in customers' eyes for their first-class material, fashion style, fine design and good after-sale service. In recent years, the Mailyard western style suits and the fine woolen cloth have been accredited by ISO 9001.

The success of the MAILYARD Group lies in its emphasis on production management and on its product quality. The staples of our products, i.e. fine wool fabric and suits, have been approved by the ISO9001 an ISO9002 International Quality Certification System. And the recent times has witnessed the adoption of the MAILYARD "dDumbbell" Development Strategy, is implanting the two wings of technical development and trade connected by production the bond against the fluctuations of the market so that transforms from a mere products-making enterprise to a trade firm bolstered by production.