General ManagerShanxi Sanwei Group Co., being a State Large-scale Class I Enterprise(Ltd.), is legally registered at 59#, Northern Road of Taiyuan city, where its general headquarters is located. It also owns two main production bases, one is located in Zhaocheng, Hong Dong county, another is located in the Developing District of High & New Technology of Taiyuan city. The corporation possesses fixed capital valued at 330 million RMB, a land area of more than 530,000 square meters, and a workforce of 3,500, as well as great technical power, advanced processing equipment and a state -of -the-art DCS control system applied to production. The corporation enjoys the advantages of modern communications facilities, rich natural resources such as coal and electrical power, and convenient inland transportation, with the Nan-Tong-Pu railway, Da-Yun highway and Tai-Mao highway passing through the western side of the production base.

The following is output per year in the main sectors of our operation: 40,000 tons calcium carbide, 25,000 tons PVA resin, 35,000 tons Emulsion PVAc, 15,000 tons formaldehyde, 65,000 tons vinyl acetate, 1,000 tons 1,4-butynediol, 4,000 tons industrial acetic acid, 15 million pieces carbonated sticks, 1,000 tons pentaerythritol, 350,000 tons washed coal, 100,000 tons coke. Packaging materials, floor paints, coatings and sodium formate are also produced in our plants. Currently, we have 60 products on the market. The corporation has been devoted to the development and application of new and high technology both inside and outside the country over the years. A series of advanced products of high quality and good reputation, bearing the "SAN WEI" trademark, has been marketed in more than 20 provinces and areas including Taiwan, as well as in Europe, the Americas, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.


In recent years, the corporation has led the way in reforming and opening, making good use of natural resources, intelligent policies and a stable social situation to create a practical and specific development strategy. That strategy is based on a technological revamping and development and on an integration of technology, industry and trade which has led to a vitalization of production and sales. Economic efficiency has increased every year and the annual profit (before taxes) of the corporation has been more than 20 million RMB for seven continuous years, with more than 50 million profit in 1995. The corporation is becoming one of the most profitable enterprises in its province.

Product quality is constantly improving and the economic strength of the corporation grows at a steady rate, thanks to the Sanwei Group's insistence on the business policy of "Establishing a Famous Brand Name & the Mutual Development of Quality and Profits". Our corporation was the first in the province to strengthen fundamental management with an industrial computer network-management system, which results in a scientific and standardized management approach. The main products produced by the corporation have been awarded Excellent Product, Inspection-Free Product, and Famous Brand Product of the province as well as Excellent Product of the Ministry of Chemical Industry. The corporation has been continuously honored year after year as Provincial Best Enterprise, Advanced Provincial Model Enterprise, and Science & Technology Pioneer Enterprise. In 1995, the corporation was named National Advanced Collective in Tech. Progress, National Quality & Profits Type Enterprise and National Class I Measurement Unit.

The corporation is rated as a Credit AAA Enterprise by the relevant authorities. We adhere to our business purpose of "Seeking First Class Technology, Producing a First Class Product, Establishing a First Class Enterprise" to provide our clients with high-quality products and thoughtful service and are committed to sharing our success with our clients.

"Sanwei" Brand Chemical Products





1. Emulsion PVAc
The annual output is 35,000 tons. In 1994, we introduced first-class technology and key equipment from Henkel, Germany. There are 13 series products with more than 40 specifications. They find wide application in wooden products, cigarettes, architecture, furnishing, printing, paper processing, carpet, man-made leather, label and paper plastic combinations, etc..

2. 1,4 - Butynediol ( BYD)
The solid products' annual output is 1,000 tons. The degree of purity is larger than 97%. The melting point is higher than 54 กใ C. The shape is white crystal. The high technological level makes for world famous high quality products. There are wide applications mainly in the fields of medicine and electroplate.

3. Polyvinyl Alcohol Resin (PVA)
The annual output is 25, 000 tons. There are more than 20 models which include 17-99, 17-88, 19-99, 24-98, etc. The Corporation is No. 1 in its equipment and product variety in China. We can also produce special products based on the clients' requirements.

4. Industrial Formaldenhyde
The formaldenhyde liquid's annual output is 15,000 tons. We adopted the technology of electrolysis silver oxidation. The content of formaldenhyde is larger than 37%, and the content of alcohol is smaller than 2%. These products are widely used in coating, pesticides, resin, medicine and organic synthesis, etc..

5. Pentaerythritol
The annual output is 1,000 tons. We have adopted advanced low-alkaline and low-temperature technology. The content of -OH is larger than 46.0%. It is the main material of paint and explosives.

In addition, we have vinyl acetate and methanol sodium for sale. We welcome all customers at home and abroad to visit our corporation.