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Beijing Sunpu Electrical AppliancesCorporation

Beijing Sunpu Electrical AppliancesCorporation

Beijing Sunpu Electrical Appliances Corporation utilizes newtechnologies to develop, manufacture and market "Sunpu"brand household electrical appliances. In recent years, under thecapable leadership of the general manager--Mr. He Pingshan-- ourcompany has achieved remarkable success in the integration oftechnology, manufacturing and marketing. Both our sales andprofits have maintained yearly growth. In 1994, the per capitasales reached 1 million yuan (RMB). It is estimated that saleswill increase to 100 million yuan in 2 years.

Our main products include the Sunpu Electric Radiator series,Sunpu KL series of Air Purifiers, SPL series of Electric WaterHeaters and the Sunpu Foot Bubble Baths. We once developed agiant medical air purifier for an American client. We alsoproduce columnar electric radiators, digital record telephonesand warm blowers in batches. These products are designed byfamous French designers and are adapted for European and Americanmarkets.

We regard product quality as the focus and foundation of ourcorporation, as well as the key to economic success. In 1993, weestablished a quality control system which meets the standards ofISO 9002. In 1995, our Electric Radiators received the conformitycertification of the CCEE and our Air Purifiers received thecertification of TUV/GS, making them even more attractive in ouroverseas markets. In 1996, we will carry out the standards of ISO9001 and continue the attestation of the quality control system.

After several years of pioneering work, our corporation is nowgrowing rapidly. We have established dozens of branches andmanagement offices in Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan, Hebei, Xinjiang,Hubei, Guangdong, Sichuan and Guizhou provinces. In addition, weare operating thirty cooperative processing factories and aproduction base that includes three manufacturing plants.

Sunpu Electrical Appliances Corporation is dedicated to thepromotion and development of household electrical appliances. Wehave our eyes on the world and are committed to quality andreputation. We provide our customers, both domestic and foreign,with high-quality products and satisfactory services.

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