> Jingsha Synthetic Resin General Factory

Jingsha Synthetic Resin General Factory

Name of Project: The plant for production of phthalicanhydride

The undertaker: Jingsha Synthetic Resin General Factory, Hubei Province, P. R. China

Introduction to the enterprise: Jingsha Synthetic ResinGeneral Factory is one of the key enterprises under the Ministry of Chemical Industry which has specialized in the phthalicanhydride and plasticizer, the factory has production capacity for phthalicanhydride 15,000MT/Y (10,000MTY, with 0-xylene) for plasticizer 16,000MT/Y (DOP-DBP:10.000MT/Y). The factory has employee about one thousand, in them there are one hundred and eight technicians, the factory coversan area of 95,904 square meters.

The content of the project: The capacity : 40,000MT/Y, investment value: 490,000,000 yuan. The construction period: 3years. After completion, annual output value will be 547,000,000yuan, profits 109,000,000 yuan. The repayment period of loan 3.6 years.

Cooperation style and requirement: Joint-venture,cooperation, mixed venture or compensation trade.

The situation of the project: The project was approvedby national Planning Committee in 1994. Feasibility study reportand environmental effect appraisement have been finished in 1995.