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Handan Xuri Commercial and Industrial Co., Ltd.

Handan Xuri Commercial and Industrial Co. Ltd., the member of Packing Technical Association in China, is the famous base of production for industrial sewing thread and clothing sewing thread.

Xuri Co., covers a totalsquare meters, has trained more than 300 staff workers of creative ability and over 40 technical personnel, provided a fine complete set of equipment for doubling, twisting thread, rolling, bleaching and dyeing.

Xuri Co., is continually exploiting new technology and promptly using it for products of fine quality, good design and low cost. The no end breakage of whole bobbin industrial sewing thread (in the lead position of the world), researched and produced by Xuri Co., is ideal sewing thread for cement, chemical industry, grain, plastics weave and soft bag. So it wins the two special prizes, one is the prize of new and excellent textile product, and the other is scientific and technical progressive prize in Hebei. The clothing sewing thread, which has good raw materials, soft smooth, tightly winding and well packet, enjoys market of domestic and overseas.

Xuri Co. continually improves whole quality of strictness, efficiency, reality creation. Xuri Co. would like to set up the broad, mutually and lasting relationship with wholehearted cooperative partners everywhere mixing their economy with Xuri's, so as to serve society better.

Brief Introduction to the Products

1.Industrial Sewing Thread(Pure Polyester)
Main Products : 20s/2 20s/3 20s/4 20s/2X3 20s/3X3 20s/4X

Main uses: The products,20s/2 20s/3 20s/4 20s/2X3 are mainly used for selvage
sewing & close sewing of the plastic woven bags which are used to contain light & bulky materials, such as chem-fer-tilizers, grains, feeds, sugar etc. 20s/3X3, for the closing-up sewing of cement packages. 20s/4X3, for sewing the ton weighted cement packages, and some other purposes.

Features: Wound on paper cones of 6". each thread cone weights 1 kilogram. Of all the products, the thread of 20s/3X3 and 20s/4X3 are knotless through the whole cones. After technical process, they become smooth, soft, anti-static, strong and easy-sewing.

The strenth Technical datas:

Article 20s/2 20s/3 20s/4 20s/2X3 20s/3X3 20s/4X3
Twist Direction ZS ZS ZS ZSZ ZSZ ZSZ
Strenth>=N/50cm 19 30 39 60 90 120
Price: USD/T(CIF)

2.Sewing Threads for Garments (Pure Polyester)

Main products: 20s/2, 20s/3, 40s/2, 40s/3, 50s/3, 60s/3, and so on.

Features: Wound on plastic cone of 4", about 5000 YDS on each cone. Bleached and dyed threads are available.

The strenth Technical Datas:

Article 20s/2 20s/3 40s/2 40s/3 50s/3 60s/3
Twist Direction SZ SZ SZ SZ SZ SZ
Strenth>=N/50cm 19 30 8.5 13.8 11.6 9.4

Price: USD/km(CIF)
Ariticle Bleached Dyed

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